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Visitors Overview

Visitors to UCT can utilise the copy and print facilities on campus. Please go to the Student Document Centre below the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library on Upper Campus and they will assist you to purchase a visitor’s card and load copy and print credits onto it.

Once you have received your Visitor’s Access card you are able to print, copy or scan anywhere on campus from any Nashua device linked to the Equitrac system.

Scanning is free, so visitors can scan any document directly from a Nashua device to their own personal email account. 

To print black & white or in colour, simply load credit onto your card and you can print directly from a library or lab computer. You can also print directly from your mobile device via Mobile Printing.

Please note that some machines only print black & white while some are full colour. Consult the Nashua Device Locations list which specifies the capabilities of the printer. For more intense print & copy services please see our list of Services that are available from our Document Centres.