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Students Overview

UCT students have a wide array of print & copy services available to them through Nashua machines located within the various labs, libraries and Document Centres on campus. 

Scanning is free – just select the “Scan-To-Me” button on the machine and the document will be sent to your personal email account. For black & white and colour printing, all you need is credit loaded onto your Student Access card and you can print directly from a library or lab computer. You can also print directly from your laptop by downloading the Equitrac client or web upload, and your mobile device via web upload or using Mobile App for your mobile device.

Please note that some machines are black & white only while some are full colour – please consult the list detailing the Locations of Nashua machines which specifies the capabilities of the printer. For more involved print & copy services please see our List of Services that are available from our Document Centres.