Nashua Smart Print: print copy scan bind


UCT students, staff and visitors can scan any document directly from a Nashua machine free of charge to their own personal email account using the scan-to-me function.  The default account is the UCT e-mail address.

The following output formats are available:

  • PDF (image)
  • Multi-page TIFF
  • JPEG's
  • PDF/A (image)

You can manually select the format at the device.

Please note: 

  • All scans are routed via the UCT e-mail system and it is therefore important to remember the UCT policy on file size especially when scanning in colour.
  • If your scan is not in your mailbox, please check the following:
    1. that your email address appears correctly at the device.
    2. it hasn't landed up in your Junk E-Mail folder.  
    3. the ICTS Website for any mail delay announcements.