Nashua Smart Print: print copy scan bind

Printing Options


Print from a PC or laptop using the Equitrac print client (standard networked method on Campus)

Install the Equitrac print client from Downloads.

Note: Lab and library machines have already been configured for your convenience.


Print from your mobile device, PC and laptop using one of the following 2 options:

Option 1: Print to a web portal via URL 

Access the Quick Links tab and select Mobile Printing/PrinterOn.

Note: This is a good option to use if you have multiple documents to print and only want to sign in once.  Since UCT adopted the 14 characters long  password regulation, CC&P has been asked about the single sign on option when printing via the Equitrac Client.  As it was not a requirement in the RFP, CC&P will investigate the possibility in early 2015.

Option 2: Print from your mobile device using the free PrinterOn App (not supported by Nashua)

Free Apps are available to download for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle and Nook.  

Visit your App Store or the PrinterOn Website and download it.

PrinterOn Guides

  • Information you will need to configure the App

~ Account Information

Account and password: (UCT network login credentials)

Make sure that both the PrinterOn Service and Nashua accounts are set to yes.

~ Service URL

Default service set to yes.

~ Printers to be saved

A search for UCT will produce the following printers:

University of Cape Town
UCT Colour
University of Cape Town
UCT Black/White