Nashua Smart Print: print copy scan bind

PIN code & disclaimer

Nashua services are linked to your UCT staff/student number and network password.

(This printing service allows a maximum password length of 16 characters in total, if the password you set is longer than 16 characters you won't be able to submit print jobs) 

However, you need to activate a PIN on your card to keep the card secure. 

Visitors however do not have a UCT network account and should use the username supplied by Nashua to enter the CCP Dashboard.

Please visit the CCP Dashboard if you require a secure PIN code to access the printers/photocopiers.​

All visitors cards default PIN is blank.

All staff/students default PIN is 1111.

Forgotten your PIN?

If you do not know/remember your PIN, please send an email from your staff/student email address with your staff/student ID to asking to have it cleared.  Visitors can approach the staff at the document centres.

Neither UCT nor Nashua is liable for costs incurred if your card’s PIN is not activated and subsequently used for photocopying by a third party.  

To activate your PIN, follow the 'Guide for changing your PIN' in the right side bar of this page.