Nashua Smart Print: print copy scan bind

Customer Comments

Nashua has implemented an entirely new print solution which incudes four new web services and will continue to strive toward "Best Service and Attention at all times".  We thank our customers for recognising this.

Just a quick note to thank Sandra & crew for responding to my request for someone from CC&P to come to the library to assist a student.

I had not mentioned that the student concerned was a quadriplegic & not able to go to the document centre.

Story with a happy ending!



After all my complaints I thought I would say Thanks for once and let you know the helpdesk process is working well. 

We really appreciate the timeous response we have received to our help call and have had a staff member successfully print from her Mac for the first time. 

Two Wins!

Dr Cheryl Brown,  -  Acting Co-director

Thank you very much for rectifying this problem so quickly. I am glad that you approached this with such professionalism and care and that no students were in fact overcharged as it was represented. I look forward to great service in future.

Kind Regards,

Kevin Rodrigues - Secretary General Commerce Students' Council