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Student Copying

To make use of the Campus Copy & Print service for copying, students need to load credits onto their student card.  Anyone, with Internet access, can do this for you.

Staff Copying

Staff can use the new multi-functional Nashua device as a copier and scanner. GSB is linked to the Equitrac billing system which allows staff to print without uploading credits. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for your department to get printing activated on your existing Nashua device. All Nashua tender devices include paper & toner so no additional consumable expenses need to be incurred.

How does payment work for staff
All users within the department can use their existing UCT access card to release their copies and prints at the Nashua devices. Staff members cards do not need to be loaded with copy credits.

All copy charges will be charged to specified funds & cost centres. It is therefore important to mail our helpdesk with your staff id, name and cost and fund details to have this functionality activated.  You will not be able to make copies with your staff card until you are on the system and are linked to your department.

Departmental users will be billed monthly according to their fund and cost centre.  Payment will be processed centrally by Procurement and Payment Services (PPS).

Private copies
If you would like to make private copies but do not want it to be charged to your department, you may purchase a visitors card from our Document Centre's and load that with credits.


The onsite document centre can assist you in contacting their technical helpdesk or simply Call +27 21 650 4813/+27 21 650 4815 or email:  

Nashua urges you to activate your PIN code on the card for security. Neither UCT nor Nashua are liable for costs incurred if your card’s password is not changed and subsequently used by a third party.